HUB-műhely | 2017. március 1., 19:23

HUB Academy - Through the Eyes of a Participant

| 2016. május 10., 21:12

Have you ever wondered how a HUB Academy looks like? Learn about the February module - High Level of Self Awareness - from one of the participants.

A HUB Academy session is a hands-on learning opportunity with experienced trainers for people who want to be in professional hands for skills and self-development for their career and personal enrichment. You have to take the initiative and effort; you have to get yourself to be involved to start the change you want to see in yourself in the not too far future. Hard isn’t it? - Getting involved in your very own, conscious, self-development process might sound weird for the first time since we are conditioned, trained, educated in a traditional environment which confines our thinking to outer motivating factors rather than inner self exploratory methods.

So be brave sink yourself in the self-exploratory process and re-channel your paradigms. I have been thinking about getting myself to go and participate, but my last year seemed overwhelmed with tasks piling up ahead of me. However, at the beginning of 2017 I made a resolution to make room for professional development, according to Judit this was the first step. I considered the first step to attend HUB Academy training, now I understand - everything starts within with self-reflection.

Like everyone else after a long and busy day at work getting out of one’s comfort zone and talking to unknown people about very personal challenges is probably the least desired situation above the well-deserved dinner and family time anyone wants to get in. Now this is so natural and familiar and in a sense commonplace.

Giving room for ourselves is a must to be able to keep the balance between the daily chaos of life and work. I could get clear and set guidelines for the rearrangement process at the High Level of Self Awareness workshop. I wanted to participate, no one asked me to do so.

How do you fix the mess you have in your mind at a workshop like this one? - You do not let a problem overcome you with skills you can solve it.

The workshop is built around you; through the tasks you give the answers to your very own questions. It was exciting to pull together a list of sensitive concepts that best describe your personality and objectives in life. I even had to narrow down my choices to five. It sets the goals and shows the area of life you have to work on for balance. Next I had to gather the names of people who inspired me at different periods in my life, and how they inspired me. It is a wonderful map you build about your learning. It is like a journey back in time. You find answers to cause and effect. A practical life aim task helped to conceptualize an overall mission statement for my own life which I can go back to anytime from now on to see if I am working towards that ideal goal. Finally I visualized and mini-directed my own movie of my ideal future day in 2027 – titled Delightful Cycle.

I wanted to start the change to become a better resource for my colleagues and family, to become more organized and less stressed , less busy, to become a friend to my friends again by giving them time in my „busy life”, to give time to my loved ones over the busy work. I love my work, I love my family and I love my friends so there need to be a balance out there. This workshop gives you the initial clue and skills to start handling off the rails situations at work or in your private life and to get back in the saddle with a better understanding of your strength and weaknesses and your motivation.