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HUB Academy

Would you like to be active, learn more about your entrepreneurial self, start your own project, get new contacts in the city and be part of an entrepreneurial community? Can you imagine that learning can be fun? Step out of your comfort zone and gain experience with us! :)

If you read this blog you will learn about the why behind HUB Academy, the purpose and the general activities of it.

First of all let me introduce myself, one of the idea owners of HUB Academy. I am Judit Katonáné Kovács, mother of three sons, graduated from University in 1992, studied agricultural sciences. Got my Ph.D. in 2006 in Management and Business Administration, and working as an assistant professor at University of Debrecen, since 2011 also as a team coach in Team Academy Debrecen, a Finnish model for learning team entrepreneurship. My main interest is self and community development, fostering active citizenship and cooperation for the wholeness of our life and of our region. I look on life as an enterprise and our Selves as the most important resource of this enterprise. Above making steps at the University in this field, as a social entrepreneur I am looking for ways to act in my region as well, and help to those with an interest to develop entrepreneurial self. We found the following possibilities for change making, building entrepreneurial community: created the Local Entrepreneurs Supporting Community Association, have started the TEDxDebrecen, the Innovative Generation program, opened the Debrecen HUB (community office), created the Debrecen Coach Club and 2017 brings our new project the HUB Academy.

Robinson and Aronica in their book Creative schools (2016) wrote that education has two important roles: helping to discover the world & help to discover your own talent. HUB Academy a monthly, interactive program starting in January 2017 helps in this second one. The purpose of it is to help to develop entrepreneurial self, personal mastery. Discovering our own talent, our own self is one of the most interesting, lifelong journey. The 3 hours long events, with a maximum of 12 participants will help to understand your strength as a “life entrepreneur”. It will also help to understand, what your main drivers, mental models are. Building on your strength and developing those weaknesses which are barriers in front of you will help to be the best resource for yourself and also for your community. Yes, you, your knowledge already earned, your relationships, contacts already established are very important resources. Team learning, understanding the importance of sharing your knowledge, co-creation, cooperation, idea flow, system thinking are also in focus in HUB Academy.

The events will have different guests. Even you can be the one, if you have knowledge to share in this field, our have idea to co-create HUB Academy :)

The guest of the first HUB Academy is Emese Szarka, title of her event is “Problem solving techniques”.

If you have further questions to learn more from this project, do not hesitate to ask! Our e-mail address is: .

Come to learn and have fun with us! Be yourself!


My motto is: With responsibility, give space for your Self!

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